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There is a common thread through every industry, every business and every aspect of our lives, effective communication is the key to advancing the care of your customers. MTI partners with businesses and institutions to deliver a strategic combination of targeted, advanced solutions specific to your industry’s needs. We speak your language. MTI has established unique industry expertise across several verticals and has continued to design, develop and deploy custom configurations of proven, technology-enabled communications platforms for industries ranging from healthcare to education to government agencies. We launch large-scale solutions and create measurable impact in some of the most challenging areas by collaborating with industry leaders and building focused centers-of-excellence.

Mass Communications

In an ever-changing world of emergency and critical events, mass communication should be a powerful and flexible tool that seamlessly integrates contact data so that even life-saving alerts are launched with ease and confidence.  Whether utilities, educational systems, businesses or governmental agencies, having a proactive approach to keeping your contacts notified with up-to-date information is paramount. Whether a simple outbound notification of schools closing or panic button crisis situations, MTI’s notification services can use the phone channel (outbound calling), SMS (text messaging) or both.

Mass Communications Solutions List

Travel / Transportation

Travel is increasingly becoming automated and making digital transformations from corporate to individual / leisure traveling.  While the trend “appears” to be mobile applications, research is showing travel consumers using the phone to arrange and check on travel arrangements rather than using their smartphone’s screen.  MTI, being a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, is able to provide transportation companies with booking and itinerary details, along with routine tasks that can be migrated to the automated system for efficiency and self-service.

Travel / Transportation Solutions List


Automation allows customers a much more efficient and satisfactory caller experience when easily accessible information is available at their fingertips. Routine inquiries such as store locations, return centers, order information, or even credit payments can be automated quickly and easily.  Despite investments on web and mobile sites, research is showing a significant portion of shoppers are still utilizing the phone channel for assistance. A well-designed customer based application will allow your customers to use automated self-service effectively and efficiently.

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Finance / Payment Solutions

Automated payment solutions offer your customers secure, self-managed, multi-lingual systems, which allow customers to collect payments 24/7, 365 days a year.  MTI’s experience in self-service payment systems allows for seamless customer service, reduced expenses, and real-time payments. Our PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure ensure security and compliance.

Finance / Payment Solutions List

Call Centers

Well-designed self-satisfaction automation increases customer satisfaction and service. Callers are easily able to handle their self-service needs, conveniently and efficiently.  A flexible and robust solution, whether front-end or back-end, to handle the most frequent tasks and inquiries simply provides good customer service.  Our solutions give your customers control, reduces repeat callers, and allows human resources within your company to spend their time handling and resolving more complex customer issues. Improved customer experiences and the resulted savings in time and cost optimizes your businesses’ bottom line.

Call Centers Solutions List

Health Care

From patient compliance, appointment or prescription reminders to clinical studies and evaluations, these areas offer major opportunities for automation, which has a direct effect on patient care and satisfaction.  MTI’s fully HIPAA compliant and audited inbound and outbound automated solutions has been deployed to support major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical companies and practices. The cost-savings and improved data accuracy within our robust and secured solutions has empowered the healthcare community. Our high-end data center architecture with fully redundant disaster recovery management ensures consistent service.

Health Care Solutions List


MTI has developed a suite of Utility Solution applications that include functionality that can handle inbound outage or dangerous situation reporting, customer service related tasks, bill payment, or even crew call-outs. MTI analyzed the needs of the many divisions within utility companies and designed communication and notification solutions to offload mundane and repetitive tasks.  These solutions significantly reduced call center costs and freed client representatives, linemen, and other essential resources to focus on providing positive, workable solutions for their customers.


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