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MTI specializes in providing outbound calling solutions for industries all across the board. Outbound calling is an inexpensive way to reach your customers, students, employees, etc. with the information they need when they need it. Our outbound calling solutions enable businesses and organizations to reach their contacts efficiently which in turn generates high customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty.

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Customer Outreach

With our Outbound IVR services, companies can proactively reach customers to notify them of an appointment or receive important feedback regarding their experiences. By doing this, companies can build a lasting, positive relationship with their customers and employees.

Crucial Updates

If a company needs to quickly alert stakeholders, Outbound IVR allows companies and organizations to reach thousands of customers at once. In case of emergency or just to give a notice, our Outbound IVR systems can easily get your message to customers and stakeholders.

Utilize Personalization

Our Outbound IVR system allows you to personalize your messages to both customers and employees. Enrich your stakeholder relationships and make sure your message is received with MTI's Outbound IVR solution.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Our Outbound IVR solution can be used to gain important feedback from your customers and employees by sending surveys via IVR. By letting your stakeholders see that you care about their experiences, your company can continue to build positive relationships with these individuals.

Outbound IVR Solutions