Our Platform

  • Message Technologies understands the hosting business–after all, we’ve been hosting inbound and outbound automated applications for over 30 years. As a hosted (cloud-based) service provider, MTI is singularly focused on delivering automated voice and text messaging solutions (IVR and SMS). MTI provides all of the necessary hardware, software, and licenses for the hosted system. Bottom line, our solution means that our customers will have no capital investment in infrastructure, licenses, or technology.
  • Our IVR system operates on a shared hosting platform that offers ample capacity to handle normal call traffic as well as abnormal spikes or unexpected increases in call volume. Today, our hosting platform processes millions of calls per month over thousands of telephony ports. We offer a wide variety of VoiceXML and inbound and outbound hosting services using the latest innovations in the automated communications industry.
  • MTI’s VoiceXML application hosting solutions are built on the Genesys VoiceXML Gateway, which is a high-performance voice computing platform. The Gateway runs on the Red Hat Linux operating system, and incorporates the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-To-Speech (TTS) resources, and the Genesys software needed to handle the entire VoiceXML application.
  • MTI provides support for the best-of-breed ASR and TTS engines: for ASR, MTI supports multiple languages with Nuance OSR and Nuance 9. For TTS, MTI supports multiple languages with AWS and Nuance RealSpeak. Other ASR and TTS engines are available based on customer requirements.