The Challenge

Coverdell is a marketing services company that provides loyalty and fee-income products to major financial institutions, corporations and insurance companies across North America. What differentiates them from their competitors is the degree to which they work directly with their clients to design and customize a solution that is unique and exactly suited to their needs—customer care is paramount. But with the increased success of their marketing programs, the call centers were overwhelmed. They needed to cut costs without cutting service. Coverdell turned to MTI to create self service applications that enable people to get information and manage their accounts without having to resort to an agent.

The Solution

The MTI team found that many of their calls could be handled with an automated IVR system, freeing the agents to spend their time resolving more complex customer issues. From loyalty program enrollment with credit card capture to health care product and service information delivery, MTI crafted several custom IVR solutions that met each need, and contained well over half of the callers in the system. This resulted in a savings of over $0.20 per call. Customer satisfaction surveys taken after the experience continue to be extremely positive. Cost effective solutions satisfy customer needs.

Key BenefIts

  • Optimization—Increased call containment over the previous hosted IVR system by more than 20% out of the box, and increased to 45% with tuning
  • Service—callers are easily able to handle their self service needs, conveniently and efficiently
  • Cost Savings—Reduced the average call length by 50% and cut average call cost by 25%.