The Challenge

CredAbility is one of the largest nonprofit credit counseling and education agencies in the United States.  With over 300 agents serving clients nationwide, as well as specialized counselors and educators, CredAbility management turned to MTI for help reducing the call load on the Call Center/Counseling Staff. They wanted to focus on building and strengthening relationships through direct follow up, coupled with support and education programs. The IVR solutions developed by MTI increase the critical touch points with consumers to help provide the knowledge and confidence to get them back on their feet during these difficult economic times.

The Solution

MTI and CredAbility analyzed the needs of the many divisions within the company, and designed both inbound and outbound IVR applications to offload mundane and repetitive tasks from the staff. The IVR programs significantly reduced Call Center costs and freed the Counselors, Client Representatives and other staff members to focus on providing positive, workable solutions for their growing customer base.

These applications include:

  • pre and post training tests on financial planning and responsibility
  • outreach programs that follow up on counseling sessions and educational needs
  • payment capture and account information offerings
  • reminder services for documentation submissions , counseling appointments and payment schedules
  • surveys to monitor overall service satisfaction

Key BenefIts

  • Custom developed programs—Exactly match client profile needs, not just a pre-packaged solution
  • Scalability—handles increasing and varying call volumes seamlessly
  • Future Proof—Ability to rapidly incorporate new applications and functionality as needs change
  • Best of Breed platform—Fully featured Genesys platform meets CredAbility’s wide range of functional requirements
  • Real-time data access—Streamlined back-end integration to CredAbility’s database using web services