The Challenge

MicroAutomation is a leading systems integrator offering an extensive range of call center technology solutions and professional services. They specialize in providing speech-enabled self service IVR applications for large telecommunications companies, and other industries including Government agencies and Hospitality. When one of their major customers, Comcast, needed an outbound solution to dial every customer nationwide and encourage them to upgrade their analog devices to digital, MicroAutomation came to MTI for assistance with both hosting the huge outbound IVR initiative, and with creating a robust, flexible and efficient outbound delivery system.

The Solution

MTI employed sophisticated algorithms to plan for the high volume outbound traffic and peak call capacity management. Capitalizing on the years of experience we have providing telephony solutions, the MTI team was able to optimize the Genesys platforms’ response using call progress analysis and ensure smooth implementation of the outbound program. This included accurate detection of human vs. answering machine algorithms creating the best user experience possible for Comcast’s customers.

Key BenefIts

  • Scalability/Reliability—the out dial program delivers up to 700 concurrent calls to reach several thousand customers during each evening’s calling window
  • Accuracy—call progress analysis means that the right message is delivered to the right target
  • Standardization/Portability—the Genesys platform ensures that the outbound solution is compatible with Comcast’s other IVR programs
  • Cost Effective—well designed outbound IVR calls replace agent contacts, at a fraction of the cost