Message Technologies, Inc.® (MTI) announces MTInternational, a new international IVR service.

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    MTI’s new MTIInternational service enables cost-effective origination and termination of international IVR calls.


    MTI’s  new MTIInternational service enables cost-effective origination and termination of international IVR calls.

    Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI), an Atlanta, Georgia based  IVR company announces a cost-effective and highly reliable way for customers to originate and terminate IVR calls to and from international countries. The new service, branded as MTInternational, encompasses 26 countries and territories worldwide.

    MTI has been providing hosted IVR services in North America since 1991. The MTInternational service allows domestic and international clients to have an IVR presence both in the US and abroad.The new offering takes advantage of Voice over IP (VoIP) services to provide both local direct inward dialing (DID) and international toll-free phone numbers in each supported country. Those numbers terminate directly at MTI’s US facilities. With this new service, customers also have an inexpensive way to call foreign countries from MTI’s US data centers.

    “We have seen a strong interest from our domestic and international clients who want to expand into other countries.” said Mark Abramson, CEO of MTI. “Now we have an established, inexpensive way to allow clients to move into new countries without having to establish any physical presence in those countries. Everything can be handled at our facilities in the US.”

    The company can dynamically support a variety of SIP protocols per DDI or IFN, allowing it to mix-and-match the codec to match the need of the client. Clients can decide if they want their calls handled via G.711, which allows for reliable speech recognition, or G.729, which easily handles DTMF IVR. MTI also offers a variety of transfer methods, including SIP REFER and attended transfers, as well as multi-party conferences, both for inbound and outbound calls.

    About MTI:

    Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI) is an Atlanta-based industry leader providing best of class, standards based, interactive voice response (IVR) technologies with full-service IVR hosting. Its mission is to provide innovative and affordable inbound and outbound voice solutions that deliver maximum customer satisfaction. MTI also utilizes senior telephony and speech professional services for the design, development, deployment and ongoing testing of IVR applications. Visit the company online at Toll-Free:1-855-240-8000 or Local: 770-240-8000

    Media Contact: Justin Simkavitz,

    Phone Number: 770-240-8020