Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI) Launches New Website

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    Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI) Launches New Website

    ATLANTA, GEORGIA– The Message Technologies Incorporated (MTI) website may have the same URL, but the site has been overhauled to match the company’s commitment to maintain its innovative, cutting-edge status. With over 35 years of experience, MTI continues to provide a broad spectrum of self-service communication solutions for multiple industries and verticals.

    President Justin Simkavitz said, “We are pleased with our brand refresh and website redesign. Our company has grown and progressed so much in just the past few years, we felt the new website better demonstrated who we are today. While our team has remained at the forefront of innovation in terms of communications solutions, we had not updated our messaging or our website, and we felt now was the time. We’re the same great company, just with a more modern look.”

    MTI has also updated its social media presence by launching a new Facebook page (Message Technologies Inc. – MTI) and updating its Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. MTI is committed to providing clients and the public with an ongoing social media presence to keep followers informed about the future of MTI, telecommunications, and self-service communication technology.

    Simkavitz also said, “The website is just one of a number of enhancements planned for 2018 that will intensify our clients’ abilities to continually improve their service offerings.”

    He continued, “In 2018, MTI’s clients will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive tool set that simplifies and strengthens their customer solutions. In addition to our website, we are excited to announce that our new business intelligence (BI) offering and our updated customer portals are coming soon.”

    MTI has multiple innovations in store for its website and services in 2018 which will make clients’ experiences even more enjoyable. However, MTI must credit its continuing progress to its loyal client base which continues to support the company. MTI encourages you to follow along as they continue to roll out enhanced tools and service offerings throughout 2018.


    About Message Technologies Incorporated (MTI)

    For over 35 years, MTI has specialized in providing communication solutions. We embrace innovation, creativity and initiative which allow us to provide our customers with reliable, trusted self-service automation in today’s ever-changing environments. We deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We encourage creativity and forward thinking across every level of our organization. We provide on-going application maintenance post production to increase customer satisfaction and help our customers receive a greater return on their investment. Please visit the company online at or call 1-855-240-8000 for more information.